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Department for Transport (DfT) Guidance on Substantial Change of Historic Vehicles.

  1. The Guidance sets out the definition of a Vehicle of Historic Interest (VHI), vehicles which will, from May 2018, be entitled to be exempt from taking a vehicle (MoT) test.
  2. The Guidance reflects the outcome of intensive discussions between the DfT and the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC). FBHVC wishes to express its appreciation of the open and collaborative manner in which the DfT approached these discussions.
  3. In the discussions FBHVC was careful to take account of all possible members of the historic vehicle family.
  4. The Guidance supersedes all previous potential criteria released for discussion by DfT.
  5. The Guidance makes clear that it does not in any way affect DVLA’s registration criteria and processes which remain unchanged.
  6. The Government included motorcycles in the Motor Vehicles (Tests) (Amendment) Regulations 2017. As the Guidance implements the Regulations, DfT could not accept FBHVC’s representations, based upon the requirements of the EU Directive, regarding historic motorcycles, so they are included in the Guidance.
  7. Following STRONG representations by FBHVC, a vehicle may generally be a VHI if relevant changes were undertaken more than 30 years previously. This will be a rolling 30 years and replaces the fixed 1988 date previously proposed by DfT.
  8. Major points of note are:
    1. The process is one of self-declaration.
    2. Owners will only be required to declare their vehicle to be a VHI if they wish to be exempted from an annual MOT Test.
    3. All vehicles will still be able to be tested if their owners wish
    4. The criteria are generic and permit changes made, less than 30 years prior to the declaration, which improve efficiency, safety, preservation or environmental performance.
    5. Those vehicles registered on a Q plate, as kits or built up classics are not entitled to be declared as VHIs until forty years after they were registered.
    6. For motorcycles only the criteria of Q plates, kits and built up classics prevent declaration as a VHI.
  9. The Guidance refers to “a marque or historic vehicle experts”. A list will be published on the website of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs by 30th April 2018. Vehicle owners wishing to confirm if they may declare their vehicle as a VHI, may choose to contact the appropriate nominee from this list
  10. FBHVC will be explaining the Guidance in full in its first Newsletter of 2018 and as soon as possible on its website at
  11. Text of the Guidance is at:



I would like to thank club members who have helped me in various ways with the Round Britain Challenge. As you know, proceedings were brought to an unexpected and noisy halt when Happy Henry ran a big end after some 1300 relatively trouble-free miles.
Nonetheless, we have now exceeded our target of £10000 for Pancreatic Cancer Action which is a fantastic effort. As a bonus we have raised awareness of the symptoms with, literally, thousands of people who have received our leaflets en route. If this results in early diagnosis for just one person it will have been worth it.
The journey is not over and once Henry’s engine is rebuilt I intend to return to the South coast to complete the challenge and hope to meet up with fellow members on the way.
Wishing all members a happy and successful 2018
Best Regards
Andy McKay




Terry Easton 1941 – 2017


It is with deep regret that we report the death of BNMC stalwart Terry Easton on 15th September.

Terry passed away peacefully at home due to a degenerative illness lasting several years during which time he was nursed with loving care by his wife Maureen.

Terry joined the Bullnose Morris Club in 1972 after he obtained a unique 1924 Morris Cowley Gamecart in need of restoration. Maureen shared Terry’s enthusiasm and they first attended Club rallies in their modern car until Terry had restored the Gamecart to perfection. They then participated regularly in Club rallies as well as the longer Tours which were held at that time. Later, a 1929 Morris Cowley four seater tourer was added to the stable and used extensively on Club events.

Their enthusiasm for the Club extended beyond the rally scene and they joined the Committee in 1982 to handle the development and sales of Club Regalia, a position which they held until 2010, and started the Kent Area meeting in 1987 which they presided over until 2011.

Vintage Morris cars were not their only passion. They successfully completed nineteen London to Brighton Veteran Runs with their 1903 Wolseley and participated in other VCC events with their large Edwardian Wolseley tourer.

Ever cheerful and friendly, with something of the ‘Jack-the-Lad’ about him, Terry was a gifted mechanic always willing to help fellow members in distress with their cars, either on the road at rallies or in the workshop.

I have many fond memories of times spent with Terry. Those trips to the Beaulieu Autojumble in company with several others in the back of Terry’s company van, seated on rolls of carpet which Terry had thoughtfully provided. Not allowed these days and possibly not then, but great fun none the less. Terry was a consummate autojumbler, being able to spot a Morris part a mile off, knowing if it was correct or not, then charming the vendor into selling it at a bargain price!

When I discovered a major fault with the rear axle of my car two days before its first Club rally, Terry came straight over and worked all day to solve the problem, not leaving until he was sure that I could finish the repair in time for the rally.

Many other Club members will also have good reason to be thankful for Terry’s expertise, knowledge and advice over the years.

Equally skilled in working with both wood and metal, Terry made and built an elegant conservatory for the house in hardwood timber, a complete fitted kitchen and much more. Terry’s last major project was a superb two-storey workshop which sadly was not used to its full potential due to the onset of his illness.

Terry and Maureen were very much partners in all respects during their 56 years of marriage and ran a successful specialist flooring business with Maureen putting her administrative skills to good use.

We extend our sincere sympathy to Maureen, their son Shaun and granddaughter Carrie.

Terry will be sadly missed by all who knew him but remembered with affection for all the good things he did and the good times he gave.

Chas Moody.


Maureen Easton Writes:

I would like to say a very big thank you to all who have sent me wonderful letters and cards

of condolence for the very sad loss of My Terry. I was so overwhelmed by the amount of

friends who attended his funeral.

Thank you all again so much.

Maureen,Shaun and Carrie Easton.