SADELY RICHARD PASSED AWAY ON MARCH 20th two days after his 57th Wedding Anniversary. He was 88.

“Richard was our Club Secretary from 1986 until 1999.Richard and Vivien were keen Club Members. They were very good company, very polite and courteous, and always willing to help.Richard’s mechanical strengths were well hidden, but we cannot recall them breaking down on an event.On routes, whether written or destination only given, they turned up promptly, smiling, in their little brown car.On the Tours, they were enthusiastic participants and supporters of any games organised – stone putting in Scotland for example.The pinnacle of Richard’s enthusiastic rallying was his participation in the Tour of Ireland, the one where we went to look for a particular dolphin.Richard was a snappy dresser, so, on the beach at Galway Bay, that very cold morning, he arrived attired in a specially knitted 1920’s style full bathing costume.He plunged into the water and swam away. His costume was still in place on his return, and his boater soon in place. The dolphin was not found on that occasion.He did like dressing up, and singing, and a bit of larking about, so participated thoroughly in our impromptu after dinner entertainments.Richard and Vivien had not used their car much for a while before they sold it. Peter Denn had owned it latterly. Good health had not been on their side.However, we hear that he had lovely memories of the Club.”