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DVLA Concerns:

The All-Party Parliamentary Historic Vehicles Group Becomes Involved

I attended the AGM of the Federation recently and listened to their reports which gave reasons for the lack of progress with negotiations with the DVLA regarding non-acceptance of new bodies on cars with separate chassis. Privately I expressed my concerns to the lead officer and suggested that it was possibly time to start involving our MP’s. I was persuaded to wait a while before proceeding in that the Federation intended to have a Meeting with the Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Historic Vehicles Group but no date was given. I have heard no more from the FBHVC.

However, on receiving my copy of The Automobile for December, I was pleased to see a piece in the Editorial reporting a meeting between Sir Greg Knight MP, the Chairman of APHVG and the Transport Minister, John Hayes MP. The Automobile like me had been concerned that after an initial flurry of activity by the FBHVC, little progress had been made over the intervening months. I rang The Automobile and they very kindly sent me a copy of the press release from Sir Greg Knight. I reproduce it below in full but without the header and footer:-

8th November 2016                     Release date: Immediate

DVLA Concerns: Sir Greg Knight Sees Transport Minister

The Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Historic Vehicle Group, Sir Greg Knight MP has met the Transport Minister to discuss concerns about the new DVLA attitude and their procedures concerning historic vehicles.

Sir Greg had asked for the meeting to outline his disquiet about DVLA policy in respect of those vehicles that have been fitted with new parts, following complaints received from a number of historic vehicle owners around the country.

Following the meeting, Transport Minister John Hayes MP agreed to look into the matter and report back to Sir Greg.

Sir Greg said today: “Just because a historic vehicle has a number of replacement parts should not mean that it ceases to be historic. There is a distinction to be drawn between a brand new vehicle which is a replica of a historic car and a genuine historic vehicle which has been fitted with new parts to keep it on the road”.

“The Minister has promised to ask the DVLA to look again at any case where it is felt an injustice is done and I welcome this”, said Sir Greg.

The meeting organised by Sir Greg, was also attended by officers of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs.

Press Release ends.

I am extremely pleased that the whole issue has now been brought into the open and hope that this will quickly move on to a position where our Members who are restoring cars but using new bodies possibly different to that originally fitted, will be able to obtain an age-related number. We know that under current DVLA rules they cannot, and the DVLA have been immovable.

Monty Goding

21 November 2016