White and Poppe Engined Bullnose

In about 1910 W.R. Morris started to design a light car that he planned to sell in quantity. He was not an academic engineer, but as compensation he had first hand experience of the merits of different designs from his experience in the garage trade.

The W&P engined Morris Oxford of 1913 is a small two seater with a water-cooled, 1017.8 c.c. Four-cylinder engine in unit with a three-speed gearbox. The engine’s capacity for ‘revs’ soon gave the car a reputation for performing briskly. The clutch initially comprised 36 plates; alternatively of hardened steel and bronze, running in oil, but the number was soon reduced to 34 to reduce the tendency of the clutch to drag. The clutch drives through a fully enclosed universal joint, an expensive feature of which Morris was justly proud, via a torque tube to a worm driven rear axle, made by the famous firm of E.G. Wrigley.

The first W&P engined Oxford was despatched from the works at Cowley, near Oxford, in March 1913 and a further 352 had been sold by the end of the year. In October 1913, the original model of W&P Oxford was supplemented by a new variant called the Deluxe. The original model was called, retrospectively, the Standard. The main problem of the early cars was the poor steering, which resulted from having the drag link under the axle. The steering of the Deluxe was greatly improved by a wider track and having the drag link above the axle. There was a hybrid, marketed as the Popular, of a deluxe body on a Standard chassis.

Technical Details


Cooling System

Clutch and Gearbox



Front Axle

Rear Axle

Chassis Frame


Front springs
Rear springs


Front Axle

Steering Gear



Types available
Body colour


Principal Dimensions

Deluxe Models

The Deluxe model differs from the Standard model in the following respects:

Cooling System
Rear Axle
Front Axle
Rear Springs

Slung below the rear axle

Steering Gear
Principal Dimensions


1913 1914 1915 1916 1917 Total
Standard 352 82 61  –  – 495
Deluxe 41 827 98 13 1 980
Total 393 909 159 13 1 1470


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