Full details and Rally Entry Forms are sent out early January each year to those club members who have told the Membership Secretary at mlclmckay@aol.com they would like to receive this information. The Annual Subscription renewal documents have a box to be ticked for this purpose. Otherwise contact the event administrator Margaret Goding direct at mgoding@waitrose.com or send an A5 SAE to Margaret at  3 Shepreth Rd. Barrington, Cambridge, CB22 7SB.

The club’s three events are based on a hotel. Entrants arrive on a Friday, and we all drive out for the day on the Saturday and Sunday, stopping for Morning Coffee and Lunch on the way. These are Social Rallies, and the Club does suggest routes which will have been specially selected to suit a pre-1933 Morris. Driving along in the company of similar cars and like-minded enthusiasts provides the perfect opportunity to experience the excitement and joy of vintage Morris machinery. Being in the presence of many (almost) life-long vintage Morris enthusiasts ensures authentic advice, and help, should any malfunction or mishap occur. In fact, it is true that too many offers of help come forward!. Staying at the Hotel is not a necessity, because you can join in as a non-resident Entrant, for one whole day or the two. The Club encourages Club Members who wish to do so to bring their Morris to the rally on a trailer, bearing in mind the distance from home and the speed  of modern traffic. If you would like to have both moral and physical support out driving your Morris, then join us on a rally. You won’t regret it, and you will surely want more.


Full details available in January 2017.

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